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Wooden theatre

Differences to the earlier version of the theatre:

Price of wooden theatre is 936 EUR.

The theatre is appropriate for use as:

There are two variants of backdrops – a castle and a cottage so you can choose with children to be a princess or portray the story of Little Red Riding Hood. To evoke the atmosphere better, we offer removable backdrops - the interior of a castle, a cottage and an outdoor scenery. All backdrops are hand painted. Even in the theatre children eagerly await the curtain rising. We did not forget this effect, children can lift the curtain themselves and in our experience they enjoy it immensely. And what about actors? For better handling, we have chosen hand crocheted and sewn marionettes.

Price includes: (see photo)

It is possible to order other pieces according to your needs. In the pictures you can see examples of marionetes – a dog , a cat, a bear, a pig,a fox, a bird. You can order also other marionettes that are not in the pictures. To order send us an e-mail or specify by phone. The price will be agreed when ordering goods.

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