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Module Attendance

Dimensions: cca 70 x 50 x 2,5 cm

Price of the Module “Attendance” is 168 EUR.

Kindergartens may appreciate this Module "attendance".

What is the Module used for?

It is a wooden "board" onto which children can fix cards with their photos or their symbols (kindergarten pictures) when they come to kindergarten in the morning. Thanks to this "board" it is clear how many children are in the kindergarten that day. Cards of children who stay in the kindergarten for the afternoon can be placed on one half of the “board”, while cards of the children who leave after lunch on the other half. You can also define a special place for children who are on duty that day.

The "board" can be made in differrent shapes. It can for example be in the shape of a locomotive. You can choose yourself the shape of the "board" and the number of cards. Module “attendance” is made of maple wood.

Price includes:

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