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Didactic frame

(dimensions: ca 30 x 30 cm)

Price: 80 EUR

Didactic frame is appropriate:

As you can see in the photo, the top rung of the frame can be removed so that you can take out the " filling ". After stirring the prisms, the child can fold the yellow circle, red triangle, green square or blue rectangle. However, the child can also combine different shapes and make a picture according to instructions or its own imagination. Numbers 1,2, ..., 8 on the side of the prisms are used to check the correctness (see photo). These numbers are also given in the individual instructions (see photo). An integral part of the Didactic frame is the base to which you can fix the frame so that the child does not have to hold it (like the frame with plexiglass).

Didactic frame is supplied in a maple finish (light hardwood).

Price includes:

You can also buy the “filling” with animals. There is one animal on each side. One “filling”, including instructions, costs 13 EUR.

Combination of animals:

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