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Birthday round

We supply in any foreign language.

Differences to the earlier version of the Birthday round:

Price of the new Birthday round is 172 EUR.

In the picture you can see the Birthday round that has the same hand-painted motifs such as the wooden calendar. It's intentional. A child of pre-school age still cannot read. Individual months have pictures assigned to them which helps children to better remember the names of months. E.g . Image of cherries belongs to the month of June or to July a butterfly image, etc.

What is the Birthday round for?

There is 12 sections on the round. One section = one month. In each of the sections photos are placed photos or guest of honor , whose birthday is it that month. In the middle of the round, a photo of the child whose birthday is "today" can be placed.

How boes the child distinguish which month it is?

We use a dart which is placed in the hole at the current month. Darts are distinguished by the colour of the season which includes the month. If, for example it is February, then take the blue dart that is intended for the winter months, and place it on an arc belonging February.

Birthday round is delivered in a maple (hard light wood).

Price includes:

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